About StepUp Shoeshine CIC

StepUp Shoeshine CIC is a Glasgow-based Community Interest Company. Through bringing a professional shoeshine service to business executives, it aims to offer ethical training, work experience, jobs and a stronger future to people who have really struggled to find employment elsewhere.  We partner with charities and other third sector agencies to identify service users who would benefit most from a supported “step up” towards the world of work.

We could have chosen one of many names, but we rather like StepUp Shoeshine CIC and its relevance to our activities and vision…..

StepUp: The core objectives are summarised by “stepping up to the plate” and having a vision, energy and courage to address the disempowerment of people who are out of work, enabling jobless people to “step up” towards the world of employment. In doing so we walk alongside team members to improve their ability to change the course of their lives- step by step upwards. In the physical sense, clients are stepping up to engage with the service and there is of course the connection of stepping and footwear.

Shoeshine: It “does what it says on the tin” and is the way in which a much-needed, professional service can fulfil our Community Interest Company’s core objectives.

CIC: We are registered with Companies House and the Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies. All profits are re-invested into the business to further its aims, an asset lock adds further protection, we have no shareholders and in common with many charities, we operate with a constitution and are accountable to a Board.