Could you be a shoe valeter? Our process involves working with partner agencies to identify and work alongside people who may have encountered barriers to getting employment elsewhere.  We are currently seeking funding for a team leader to allow us to train a brand new team of shoe valeters.

Initial training includes wearing an incredibly smart uniform- shirt, tie, formal trousers, well-polished shoes, branded apron and the proudest smile in Glasgow! Looking professional and feeling great is a good start to the training.  It moves onto how to take care of the uniform, customer service training, local knowledge (for business executives and tourists), health and safety, life scheduling and timekeeping, positive work ethos, team-working and so many of the other skills that are useful to most employers.  From there, work experience involves client-facing and offering the service alongside a team leader- someone to give ongoing support.  This mentoring is key to the success of shoe valeters in creating and keeping stability. To our knowledge, we have no competitors for shoeshine services in Scotland, so our growth potential is huge.  as a result, we are very hopeful that longer term jobs can be created for some of the people that are eager to work with us.

It is also our experience that clients include senior managers who have the power to recommend people for jobs in the businesses where they work.  They are experiencing excellent customer service first-hand.  There are few better opportunities for people to prove that they have what it takes to secure a great job!

The attachments below will give you an idea of jobs that we have advertised in the past.  We will update this section and the forms when opportunities are available again.