Homemade wax-containing shoe polishes have been around for centuries. Around a hundred years ago, commercial production brought wider availability. As people increasingly recognised the attractive, life-giving qualities that regular care gave to their shoes, “shoeshine boys” also saw a gap in the market. Footwear manufacturing itself continued to enjoy many years of growth and all kinds of coloured polishes and specialist products became available for personal use. However, the more recent trend towards wearing non-leather shoes with a matt finish has brought about a decline in sales of shoe polish and inevitably the art of shining shoes.

The Contemporary Expectations

Yet professional appearance is often perceived to reflect professional competence and shiny shoes are still highly desirable in the corporate environment. We are only all too aware that the initial firm handshake, the smart suit and the well-polished shoes can shape a lasting impression in the commercial world. In the same way as looking after your teeth on a daily basis can help to avoid costly work to restore your smile, a weekly application of polish to your shoes will prolong their life while helping you to look and feel great!

The Reality

We understand that “life gets in the way” of looking after your shoes. Giving your shoes a quick, occasional once-over with a shiny sponge may look great when you apply it, but the shine is no more than superficial, wears off rapidly and is not really addressing the deep-down, tired look of your shoes.

The Solution

In the comfort and convenience of your office, please allow us to help you with this task. We will work proper polish into the very pores of your leather shoes then give them a shine to be proud of. You are our clients and we can be as chatty or quiet as you are comfortable with. We’d love to interact with you but we respect that you may have to be checking emails on your mobile device or perhaps taking an urgent phone call. Our presence will compliment your professional work environment and ethos.