Wages Day and Dignity

No, I’m not about to start writing a feature about my love of 80s music and bands like Deacon Blue ;-). This week saw our first team of valeters get their first wages.  Words on this blog could not adequately describe the joy, excitement and pride shown on one team member’s face on seeing that payslip. “This is the first payslip that I’ve had for eight months”, said the team member, close to tears. It feels good. It feels really good. I might never be a millionaire, but I’m back.”

Over the past few weeks, I have been with our new team members every day that they were working.  Everyone has a story. Everyone has been overlooked for work for a reason outside of their control.  I love their ideas as stakeholders in shaping the business. That’s where the ethos of empowerment and an environment of leadership, not management, will bring the best out of everyone. I’m incredibly impressed by their commitment and the contagious positivity that follows us everywhere we go.  There is a lot of enthusiastic support for what we are trying to achieve and people can see the value in our service, but at the moment that is not equating to anything like financial stability.  Let’s see what the next week brings….