We’re in the press!

Today’s Daily Record has covered our story: http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/glasgow-entrepreneur-looks-bring-back-7550311 .  The printed version (page 29) is a bit more comprehensive and includes an interview with one of our team members, who was previously out of work for 10 months.  We are really hoping that the general public and business leaders will see the value in what we are doing and help to support our young social enterprise financially through these early stages.  www.stepupshoeshine.com/donate .

Contrary to widespread negative opinion about newspaper reporters, Maria, was extremely easy to work with, and apart from a few minor print inaccuracies, it’s good to see the Daily Record getting behind our story, to spread some good news across Scotland.  I’m usually pretty camera-shy, but in the beautiful surroundings of the Virgin Money Lounge in Glasgow, the photographer, Phil, put us at relative ease.  Just for the record, I did leave my original career plans behind some years ago to work in the third sector as well as raise my family.  I chuckled when the article said that it would still “allow me to pay the bills” because that is a longterm aspiration, with my husband’s full-time job being our household income and none of the directors taking any payment for giving their time, energy or talents.

Despite appearances, the article is really not about me.  It’s perhaps more representative of the thousands of people all across Scotland who want to make a tangible difference to the lives of people around them.  I have volunteered “off the radar” for around 25 years, and I am far from alone.  Just look around you and people of all ages and backgrounds are giving their all for causes that can improve the world that we live in.  With funding stretched as never before, so many of the activities that they run are at risk.

We know that our social enterprise can be sustainable, because the art of shining shoes can be seen worldwide, and literally dozens of companies offer the service in London.  We are starting out in and around Glasgow and hope to expand through time.  If you can play a part in ensuring that we can pay our shoe valeters through a personal donation or corporate sponsorship, while we “find our feet” (yes, pun intended!), we’d love to hear from you.